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MBB (Medial Branch Block) Specialist

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Many people come to us in pain; they are unable to do the things they love and are looking for answers. In fact, low back pain is one of the top reasons people go to the hospital every year. At Arizona Pain Relief, we take a different approach to pain. We want to find and fix the root cause, not just cover up the symptoms. We use interventional pain procedures such as a medial branch block to help us locate the root cause of your symptoms (pain), so that we can formulate a plan of treatment to eliminate your pain. Interventional pain procedures are fantastic for helping you get out of pain, but they do not fix the problem. We use interventional pain procedures such as MBB (Medial Branch Blocks) to help us open a “rehab window.” This is the window of time that is needed to  treat and rehabilitate a damaged area so you can return to full function. A rehab window is crucial to benefiting from specific therapeutic and chiropractic techniques that are ideal for long-term relief and recovery.  

MBB (Medial Branch Block) Q & A

What is an MBB?

A Medial Branch Block is a procedure that delivers temporary pain relief for back and spine, usually lasting from a couple of hours to a couple of days. The procedure targets a specific nerve in your back that innervates (leads to) a facet or a spine joint. During the procedure, we inject a numbing agent into a very focused area to stop the nerve from processing the pain at that joint. When this results in pain relief, we know that we have identified the right nerve.


Why Do an MBB?

We never want to do procedures that are not necessary. Doing an MBB allows us to identify exactly what procedures need to be done. That’s because a Medial Branch Block can correctly identify the area (and the cause of) your pain. This is a critical step before committing to any further procedures to eliminate the pain entirely. The temporary pain relief is an added benefit while we identify what other procedures are needed to eliminate the cause of the pain.


What Is The Next Step After An MBB (Medial Branch Block)

Typically, the next step after identifying the correct area of treatment with an MBB is to do a Radiofrequency Facet Ablation (RFA), which is commonly called “burning the nerve” or simply “nerve ablation.” RFA will give you longer-lasting relief while  giving us more time in the “rehab window” to get that area as strong and as healthy as possible.